Karen Kramp in a nutshelll…

my familymy mamma and me

My first roles in live are that I am a daughter and a sister to one older brother. My dad was in the military, met my mother in Panama, they got married and had my brother. Then my dad was transferred to Virginia, where I came from. From there we moved to Germany, which in my opinion, is the greatest place to live. We lived there for 9 years.

While in Germany, I went through confirmation and communion in the Catholic Church. I didn’t know it at the time but God had already had a hold on my life. For whatever reason, I questioned the entire saying of Hail Marys. I wanted to know why and how that would help me. Never had a straight answer.

Then my dad retired from the military and we moved, to what I still call home, Syracuse, New York. A year later, my mom and dad divorced, and then my mom brought my brother and I to Texas. I have been here ever since, except for the two years that I was in Okinawa, Japan. When we got to Texas, my mom and I started attending the 7th Day Adventist Church. It was here I really learned about Jesus. I accepted Jesus into my life at age 14. Even here, God had control over my life. I attended an Adventist school until graduation and had several unanswered questions.

Upon graduating from high school, I joined the United States Air Force. I decided that I know longer wanted to be an Adventist. I decided I just wanted to be a Christian, not a religion. I ran from everything i had learned in school, since some of it didn’t feel real anyway. I still had questions that were not being answered. I officially joined to get out of the state of Texas. Well, that didn’t work out too well. my basic training was in San Antonio, TX, my training school was in San Antonio, TX and then my very first duty station was San Angelo, TX. So much for leaving the state.

I met my husband in San Angelo, yes, he was Air Force too.   Before we got married I left for Okinawa and he was getting ready to go to Seoul, Korea. Then we finally got married on what happened to be my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, not planned, just when all of our paperwork was completed with the military.  I introduced my husband to Jesus and church. Growing up, he never attended church. Then he retired from the military and I was given a medical disability from the military and asked my husband, who is from Maryland, where he wanted to move to. Can you imagine the shock I felt when he said he wanted to move back to Texas?!  So we made the move back to Texas.

After working in a Credit Union for two years, I decided it was time to go to College. Talk about scary. So I started school part time first, then I decided to go full time during the two summer sessions. I started the fall semester and found out that I was pregnant, after 5 years of trying. My son was born the following spring. I continued to go to school, some days were so hard to say bye to my sweet baby, but I did. I graduated with honors in Social Work. I took the test for my Social Work license and then it was time to get a job. My husband and I were part of a great church. My husband was baptized and we were very involved in church. Still I felt like I was missing something from this church, I still had no answers.

My husband transferred after I graduated back to San Angelo. This was a very painful time in my life. We were no longer attending church, we were no longer serving God. The darkness was getting heavier and heavier. I went to work as a Medical Social Worker, I hated hospitals to begin with and then I was placed on the cancer floor. I had never experienced death in my own family and I personally did not know anyone who had cancer. This was the hardest job I ever held. I lasted there for four months. From there I moved into my passion, at the time, Adult Probation. I loved this job. Was it hard, absolutely, but I thrived there. At home, the darkness consumed me. I threw myself into my job and spent long hours working because I did not know how to cope at home.

My little was about to start kindergarten and I decided, or God moved in my heart, to change my life. I decided that my son was so much more important than my job. I left adult probation to be a full time mom again. I have not looked back. Do I miss probation, at times, but spending time with my son and helping at his school is so much more worth it. Because of the position I held, Domestic Violence Officer, my husband and I decided that Josh and I needed to move back to our house in Fort Worth so he could go to a good Christian school. We found one and my husband was doing the weekend travelling coming home to see us and whenever else he needed to come, usually some kind of school event. During this time I started attending church again in a good, solid Bible believing church. I enrolled in the school’s Bible college and was for the first time ever, learning some answers to the many questions I had when growing up. I realized what was missing from my life and my believe, it was a relationship with Jesus and God the Father. It was prayer and studying the Word and believing the Truth. The darkness had started to disappear and the light was returning. My son was baptized during summer VBS.

After two years of travelling back and forth, my husband finally transferred back to Fort Worth. I graduated from the Bible College with an Associates Degree in Practical Biblical Theology. I started working on my Master’s degree in Social Work, however, after a few classes, my son was struggling with it, I was struggling with it, so I asked my husband if realistically if I was ever going to use it again. His answer was no and I have not gone back to take another class, and no i have no regrets. I have no reason to look back and say I wonder what if… We have started attending another solid Bible church that we love, we are serving God again and we are getting involved in church.  I still do not work (for a paycheck anyway) outside of the home. I have stopped calling myself a homemaker, since I only come home to sleep, shower and get dressed to leave for a crazy busy day (I will never complain, since this is the life I have chosen for myself and for my family). I still am very involved at my son’s school, which all in the school always know if they need something done, that I am around.  I love the life that God has so blessed me with. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s my life and I love it!

I have one neice and one nephew from my brother. One neice, who is about to graduate high school,  from my husband’s brother. My husband has one granddaughter from his oldest son. We have three dogs. This is my family.


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