When I think about community, I think of many different types of community. No one ever the same and important in each way. We all belong to several communities and they make us and shape us and define us.  I belong to the community I live in, the school and activities my son goes to, my husband’s work, my family, but most important, my church community. I need a safe environment where i can go when i need encouragement, a good laugh and even sometimes a good cry. I can return to my community my willingness to serve and to give of myself. When my son’s school needs help with any number of projects, they call me. My church needs help in the baby suite, I am there. My neighbor needs me to watch their house while out of town, i am the one to do so. My husband needs something for a luncheon at work, he knows where to get one put together. Each community gives what you need or if it is not, then you have to leave the one you are in (sometimes this can be very difficult) and find a community that can give you what you need and what you are able to give to the community.



  1. I really like that you pointed out that communities both provide for needs you have AND allow you to give back, within them! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here today!

    Missy (P31 OBS Volunteer)

  2. I loved reading your post. I like how you talked about all the different communities in your life. I love how willing you are to help in any way in each community. I need to be more willing to give of myself in that way. Also I really like how you mentioned that sometimes even though it is challenging we have to leave some communities if they are not giving what we need. That hit home for me today because I am dealing with a situation similar to that so i took comfort in hearing you state that its okay to let go of some groups when the growth has stopped!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Anna,
      I will be praying for you in making life changes in your communities. I am so familiar with the hurts and fighting change. I would tell God that I am ok right where I am and I do not need to change. Because he is such a loving.and caring God, He was patient with me and loved me while I was still fighting Him. When I would ask why, He would respond because He was waiting for me to stop fighting. Then I would make the move. Some times, actually many times, the change has hurt so bad, but then because I trusted God, He would make the changes feel right and good, the pain would go away. I have learned not to ever make changes just based on my wild running emotions. They always get me in TROUBLE!!!! I am learning sometimes through hard ways, but Gos is so patient and has promisd to never leave me nor forsake me, even when I am a little too stubborn for my own good.

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